Sermons and Talks

As you'll see from the list below, I've preaching from time to time for a number of years in a number of places. My first real outings were at Greyfriars Church in Reading when we were members there, and more recently at our current church, Woodley Baptist. There are also a few of the preaching exercises I did for the Cornhill Training Course, and I've lately been getting out and about a bit to other local churches.

Although I use pretty much a full text it doesn't in general correspond exactly to what was actually preached. On the day, I've added things, left things out and rephrased things in almost all cases, as seemed right to me and as the Spirit led. They would no doubt benefit from being revised as a result of feedback I've had, and those inevitable "I really should have/shouldn't have said that..." regrets, but I've resisted doing that.

Please feel free to make use of the material as you wish, whilst respecting the copyright notices attached.

The title links to the sermon or talk itself, and the text reference links to the Bible passage. Clicking on the "Text" or "Date given" header will re-sort the table.

Date given Title Text Place
16 April 2006Baptism TestimonyWoodley Baptist Church
21 November 2010A Christian Work–Life Balance  "  "
5 October 2003DivorceGenesis 2:18-24, Mark 10:2-16Greyfriars Church
8 March 2009The destruction of SodomGenesis 18:16-19:29Woodley Baptist Church
13 May 2001Abraham and IsaacGenesis 22:1-24Greyfriars Church
30 January 2011Jacob & Esau — the Battle for the BlessingGenesis 27:1-40Woodley Baptist Church
28 July 2002Patient EnduranceGenesis 40:1-23Greyfriars Church
25 June 2006Why does God permit evil?Genesis 45Blenheim Free Church, Maidenhead
25 August 2002Suffering and SovereigntyGenesis 45:1-28Greyfriars Church
25 February 2007That you may know that I am the LordExodus 6:28-10:29Blenheim Free Church, Maidenhead
10 February 2002AdulteryExodus 20:14Greyfriars Church
24 June 2007The presence of GodExodus 33Blenheim Free Church, Maidenhead
5 April 2009The Day of AtonementLeviticus 16:1-19  "  "
1 October 2000Rahab and the SpiesJoshua 2:1-24Greyfriars Church
24 June 2001David, a Forerunner of Christ1 Samuel 16:1-13  "  "
17 April 2011King David1 Samuel 16:1-13Woodley Baptist Church
20 January 2008Images of a Kingdom2 Samuel 5Blenheim Free Church, Maidenhead
9 March 2008How good people do evil2 Samuel 11  "  "
9 August 2009News of a death2 Samuel 18:1-33St Mary's, White Waltham
6 September 2009It's Not Broken!1 Kings 19:1-18Woodley Baptist Church
16 May 2010It's Not Broken!1 Kings 19:1-18Basingstoke Baptist Church
8 November 2009A Radical Commitment to the Bible2 Kings 23:1-3Woodley Baptist Church
1 May 2011The Cure for Performance-Related Prayer1 Chronicles 29:10-13Blenheim Free Church, Maidenhead
31 July 2011Will you be part of it?Esther 4Woodley Baptist Church
20 October 2005The significant lifePsalm 1  "  "
6 January 2008Don't be chaff; don't be bonsaiPsalm 1  "  "
3 April 2005How long, O Lord?Psalm 6  "  "
26 June 2005The Secret of HappinessPsalm 32  "  "
11 September 2005The Secret of HappinessPsalm 32Arborfield Christian Mission
13 November 2005Worship when life is toughPsalm 42-43Woodley Baptist Church
4 March 2007An attitude of gratitudePsalm 50  "  "
11 March 2007An attitude of gratitudePsalm 50Fifield Christian Fellowship
8 June 2008Certain Security in an Uncertain WorldPsalm 61Blenheim Free Church, Maidenhead
22 April 2012Desiring GodPsalm 63  "  "
22 January 2006Heavenly heartednessPsalm 84Arborfield Christian Mission
29 January 2006Heavenly heartednessPsalm 84Woodley Baptist Church
12 July 2009Number your daysPsalm 90  "  "
4 February 2007Holy GodPsalm 99  "  "
20 July 2008The Joy of TheologyPsalm 100  "  "
10 September 2006Fear of the LordPsalm 112, Acts 9:31  "  "
9 April 2006His love endures foreverPsalm 118Blenheim Free Church, Maidenhead
2 October 2005Where does my help come from?Psalm 121Woodley Baptist Church
12 March 2006Where does your help come from?Psalm 121Arborfield Christian Mission
13 August 2006From Despair to HopePsalm 130Fifield Christian Fellowship
21 May 2006Sorry, Thank you, Please.Psalm 131, Luke 18:9-17Woodley Baptist Church
17 June 2012Being KnownPsalm 139Boyn Hill Baptist Church
8 August 2004Trust in the Lord with all your heartProverbs 3:5-6Lower Earley Baptist Church
21 February 2010The most important ProverbProverbs 4:20-27Blenheim Free Church, Maidenhead
9 May 2010Proverbs: God and ManProverbs 21:1-3  "  "
12 October 2008A World Without Hope?Ecclesiastes 1:1-14Woodley Baptist Church
27 February 2011Sour GrapesIsaiah 5:1-7Blenheim Free Church, Maidenhead
10 January 2010Fear not, for I am with youIsaiah 43:1-7St Mary's, White Waltham
28 October 2007The SubstituteIsaiah 52:13-53:12Woodley Baptist Church
4 July 2004The missionary heart of GodIsaiah 66:18-24  "  "
29 April 2007Living GodJeremiah 10:1-16  "  "
8 February 2009God Cures the IncurableJeremiah 30:12-17  "  "
9 November 2008The Heart TransplantEzekiel 36:26  "  "
21 October 2012One way or another, God humbles the proudDaniel 5  "  "
14 October 2001No Second ChanceDaniel 5:1-31Greyfriars Church
20 August 2000Jonah's PrayerJonah 2:1-10  "  "
5 December 1999Managing AngerJonah 4:1-11, Ephesians 4:26-27  "  "
21 January 2005God is faithful to His covenantMalachi 2:17-3:12Cornhill Training Course
11 December 2005Joseph's first ChristmasMatthew 1:18-25Blenheim Free Church, Maidenhead
15 December 2013Joseph's first ChristmasMatthew 1:18-25, Matthew 2:13-15, Matthew 2:19-23Woodley Baptist Church
17 February 2005LentMatthew 4:1-11  "  "
12 November 2006Getting your righteousness rightMatthew 6:1-18  "  "
10 December 2006DivisionMatthew 7:13-29Blenheim Free Church, Maidenhead
24 July 2011Sayers, Hearers and DoersMatthew 7:21-29St John's, Shottesbrooke
24 July 2011Sayers, Hearers and DoersMatthew 7:21-29St Mary's, White Waltham
4 March 2005Come to meMatthew 11:28-30Cornhill Training Course
25 January 2004Is it worth it?Matthew 19:27-30, Acts 9:1-22Greyfriars Church
23 January 2000Accept the InvitationMatthew 22:1-14  "  "
3 February 2013Re:focus 2 - Recovering your focusMatthew 22:33-40Woodley Baptist Church
5 December 2010Working for the Coming KingMatthew 24:36-51  "  "
20 February 2000Eternal AccountabilityMatthew 25:31-46Greyfriars Church
5 May 2013Mission creepMatthew 28:16-20, Acts 1:6-11Woodley Baptist Church
12 May 2013Mission creepMatthew 28:16-20Boyn Hill Baptist Church
2 March 2008Can you see clearly?Mark 8:22-38Woodley Baptist Church
6 April 2014Six questions about following JesusMark 8:34-37  "  "
15 May 2011Jesus at Prayer - His Pattern and PriorityMark 9:29, Luke 5:15-16  "  "
9 June 2002Facing TemptationLuke 4:1-13Greyfriars Church
18 November 2012Worthy or Unworthy?Luke 7:1-10Crowthorne Baptist Church
7 February 2010The Miracles of JesusLuke 8:22-56Woodley Baptist Church
5 July 2009The value of Jesus in the cost of followingLuke 9:51-62Blenheim Free Church, Maidenhead
10 August 2008Are you fit to follow?Luke 9:57-62Woodley Baptist Church
1 July 2012Economics of the KingdomLuke 12:13-34  "  "
19 August 2001The Rich FoolLuke 12:16-21Greyfriars Church
20 March 2011News of a TragedyLuke 13:1-9, Revelation 6:12-17Woodley Baptist Church
1 November 2009The Inclusive, Exclusive KingdomLuke 13:18-30Blenheim Free Church, Maidenhead
16 July 2000The Cost of CommitmentLuke 14:25-35Greyfriars Church
17 October 2010Gain friends for yourselvesLuke 16:1-13Woodley Baptist Church
21 October 2007Justice and JudgementLuke 18:1-8St John's, Shottesbrooke
21 October 2007Justice and JudgementLuke 18:1-8St Mary's, White Waltham
4 April 2010Why do you look for the living among the dead?Luke 24:1-12Woodley Baptist Church
3 May 2009"How foolish you are..."Luke 24:25  "  "
2 August 2009What's in a name?John 1:42, Matthew 16:18  "  "
1 August 2010Jesus reveals his gloryJohn 2:1-11Blenheim Free Church, Maidenhead
22 January 2012Jesus reveals his gloryJohn 2:1-11St James, Woodley
8 August 2010Jesus reveals his gloryJohn 2:1-11Woodley Baptist Church
5 March 2006Judging JesusJohn 7  "  "
2 October 2011Jesus: the controversy he caused!John 14:6  "  "
12 May 2002Another CounsellorJohn 14:15-27Greyfriars Church
25 October 2009Abiding and AbundanceJohn 15:1-17St Mary's, White Waltham
30 April 2006Jesus and the SpiritJohn 16:5-15Woodley Baptist Church
19 August 2007Becoming a Fisher of MenActs 2:14-4:22, 1 Peter 4:11Blenheim Free Church, Maidenhead
6 February 2005Can't help speaking about JesusActs 4:1-31Woodley Baptist Church
28 December 2003A gospel for allActs 10:1-48Greyfriars Church
1 June 2008Big-hearted Barnabas and the Whole-hearted ChurchActs 11:19-26, Acts 13:1-3Woodley Baptist Church
30 October 2011A Mission MasterclassActs 20:17-38  "  "
17 February 2008God Justifies the UngodlyRomans 4:1-17St John's, Shottesbrooke
17 February 2008God Justifies the UngodlyRomans 4:1-17St Mary's, White Waltham
13 May 2005Transplant SurgeryRomans 5:6-8Cornhill Training Course
11 April 2010Does God love sinners?Romans 5:8, Psalm 5:5Woodley Baptist Church
29 September 2013Confidence in Jesus1 Corinthians 1:18-2:5Blenheim Free Church, Maidenhead
27 October 2013Confidence in Jesus1 Corinthians 1:18-2:5Woodley Baptist Church
30 May 2010The views of a spiritual church1 Corinthians 3  "  "
18 February 2001Everything is permissible1 Corinthians 6:9-20Greyfriars Church
27 June 2010Honouring God in Singleness and Marriage1 Corinthians 7Woodley Baptist Church
12 September 2010Excellent Love1 Corinthians 13  "  "
19 October 2006Unveiled faces2 Corinthians 3:12-18, Exodus 34:29-35  "  "
25 January 2009The Strongest Glue in the WorldGalatians 1:11-17, Matthew 19:27-30St James, Woodley
24 October 2004Getting free and staying freeGalatians 5:1-26Woodley Baptist Church
4 September 2011Why is it so hard to be good?Galatians 5:16-21Blenheim Free Church, Maidenhead
24 October 1999The Centrality of the CrossGalatians 6:1-18Greyfriars Church
8 October 2004Gospel TruthEphesians 1:11-14Cornhill Training Course
21 July 2013The Bride and the BridegroomEphesians 5:22-33, Song of Songs 2:3-13Woodley Baptist Church
28 July 2013The Bride and the BridegroomEphesians 5:22-33, Song of Songs 2:3-13Bradfield Methodist Church
18 August 2013The Bride and the BridegroomEphesians 5:22-33, Song of Songs 2:3-13Thatcham Free Church
24 December 2011But Made Himself NothingPhilippians 2:5-11Woodley Baptist Church
16 February 2014Life in Christ and in the WorldColossians 2:6-8  "  "
17 January 1999A Pastor's Character1 Thessalonians 2:1-16Greyfriars Church
14 February 1999The Coming Jesus1 Thessalonians 4:13-5:11  "  "
14 September 2008Love from the inside out1 Timothy 1:3-11Blenheim Free Church, Maidenhead
23 September 2007The limits to Christian mission1 Timothy 2:1-7St Mary's, White Waltham
16 November 2008What the church is for1 Timothy 3:14-16Blenheim Free Church, Maidenhead
18 January 2009Are you a Jellyfish or Dolphin?1 Timothy 6:11-16  "  "
6 July 2003An approved workman2 Timothy 2:14-26Greyfriars Church
14 November 2010Proved by Persecution2 Timothy 3:10-13Blenheim Free Church, Maidenhead
15 July 2007God who SpeaksHebrews 1:1-2Woodley Baptist Church
8 August 2010Faith EncouragedHebrews 11:1-16St Mary's, White Waltham
2 November 2003Hearing and DoingJames 1:19-27, James 2:14-26Greyfriars Church
29 January 2012Religion: worthless or priceless?James 1:19-27Woodley Baptist Church
4 March 2012The power of humilityJames 4:1-12  "  "
11 November 2007How to be God's EnemiesJames 4:4-10Blenheim Free Church, Maidenhead
12 April 2009Resurrection Power: past, present, future1 Peter 1:3-5Woodley Baptist Church
26 August 2007Building, Belonging and Believing1 Peter 2:4-10  "  "
4 May 2008The day of the Lord will come2 Peter 3:3-14  "  "
16 April 2009Three false claims; One true remedy1 John 1:5-2:2  "  "
19 April 2009Three false claims; One true remedy1 John 1:5-2:2St John's, Shottesbrooke
19 April 2009Three false claims; One true remedy1 John 1:5-2:2St Mary's, White Waltham
6 March 2011Letter to ThyatiraRevelation 2:18-29Woodley Baptist Church
17 September 2006The letter to LaodiceaRevelation 3:14-22Blenheim Free Church, Maidenhead
15 June 2003Holy, holy, holyRevelation 4:1-11Greyfriars Church